using lampp or xampp cannot connect to Mysql how to solve

If you install lampp server, run mysql first

Then make “mysqld” directory in /var/run

Link your mysql from lampp to /var/run/mysqld

Leggere file pst di microsoft outlook in modo gratuito

Esiste un tool direi ottimo che ci permette di leggere file archivio di posta nel formato Pst.

Questo took è Kernel Outlook Pst Viewer.

Avendo un file di 4 giga ho dovuto usarlo.

Con il plugin GhostScript è in grado di esportare i file nel formato noto Pdf.

Alcune features come export in Html sono a pagamento, ma ad ogni modo le ricerche sono abilitate.

Un bel lavoro reso gratuito ai più.

Laravel Tinker query expression without quotes

Laravel put some quotes in your where you need to use DB::raw

Alternatively you can use whereRaw.

As you can see this is a command in Tinker but you can use in your php code same version.

PhpOffice\PhpSpreadsheet\Style\Conditional How to create a condition and format cells according a rule


How to move into lines using Vim, how to show number lines on the side of Vim

We see how to go to the end of file, just press CTRL + End on the keyboard.
To go at first line of file press CTRL + Home.
To go a specific line press number of life followed by G.

Laravel using Orm Model – How to use Tinker in Laravel

Hi all using Laravel probably you cannot miss the opportunity to use this wonderful tool called tinker.

To use tinker is really simple task.

Just type in your terminal:

php artisan tinker